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Prudent Planners Use the Three M's for Retirement Portfolio Success

By John Florance, E4 Senior Vice President of Annuities on 10/7/21 3:49 PM

2020 marked the half-way point of the Baby-Boomer generation’s retirement process. The early Boomers began pulling out of the workforce in 2010, and the later ones will continue to begin their retirements for the next 10 to 15 years. The generation before the Boomers, known alternately as Traditionalists, Matures, and “The Greatest,” are at the end of their lives on this planet.

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NAIFA-North Dakota State Convention Schedule

By NAIFA-North Dakota on 8/30/21 4:13 PM

Tuesday, September 21st

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A Message from President Lyle Kraft

By Lyle Kraft on 8/23/21 10:43 AM

Greetings everyone, from your NAIFA-North Dakota President. I really hope everyone has been having a fantastic summer. I am preparing this message as I am about to attend the virtual National NAIFA Convention (Performance + Purpose). There was a lineup of fantastic Main Stage speakers and breakout sessions that guaranteed everyone in attendance to become a better leader and to have great business growth. Personally, I think they are lying when they say that active NAIFA members make 30% more money in their business than non-NAIFA members, as I think it is more than that. Please help yourself out and become more active and watch your business grow.

Make Your Nominations for The Advisor of the Year Award

By NAIFA-North Dakota on 8/16/21 4:02 PM

The NAIFA-North Dakota Advisor of The Year Award is given in recognition of an individual who has rendered outstanding service to the industry, the Chapter, and the insurance buying public. The recipient brings credit to the insurance business community and to their community in general.

Congratulations, Steve Bergee, LACP!

By NAIFA-North Dakota on 8/16/21 1:01 PM

Congratulations to NAIFA-North Dakota's newest LACP, Steve Bergee! The Life and Annuities Certified Professional certification differentiates you from the crowd.

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Welcome 2021 New Members!

By NAIFA-North Dakota on 6/1/21 3:00 PM

Welcome new members who joined NAIFA-North Dakota so far this year!

Belonging to your professional association sets you apart from the competition by ascribing to a Code of Ethics, voluntarily investing & participating in a performance-driven networking group, and serving your industry through advocacy and community service.

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May President's Message

By Lyle Kraft on 5/10/21 1:54 PM


I hope everyone is having a great year and doing well with your business. There is nothing better than being involved with a business model where we can assist and serve our clients to create a better life for themselves and loved ones.

2021 Annual Golf Classic

By Holly Youngblood on 4/12/21 2:17 PM

Save The Date for the 2021 NAIFA-North Dakota Annual Golf Classic! 
July 7, 2021 | 
Wednesday | Tee times starting around 12 p.m. 

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IN PERSON Social/Planning Event

By Holly Youngblood on 4/1/21 4:22 PM

Are you tired of Zoom meetings? Are  you anxious to get out and see your colleagues face-to-face? We have the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Topics: Networking Members

April Lunch N' Learn

By Holly Youngblood on 4/1/21 3:29 PM

Join NAIFA-North Dakota for the first Lunch N' Learn CE Event of the year! The 21st Century Retirement Planning Tool: Reverse Mortgages with Kathy Larson and Harlan Accola. Reverse Mortgages help prevent seniors from running out of money too quickly. The benefits and guidelines on reverse mortgages can be a critical component of sound estate planning. Join us as we discuss the three milk bucket approach in helping your clients retire more securely. 

Topics: Continuing Ed Professional Development Reverse Mortgages Lunch N Learn