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LILI Cohort Class

By NAIFA-North Dakota on 6/6/22 12:10 PM

Topics: LILI

Have you ever engaged in a conversation about LILI with a LILI graduate? Once you get them talking, it is hard to get a word in edgewise.


Because LILI is just that powerful. It is a life-altering experience for people both personally and professionally.

The Leadership in Life Institute is a six-month program offered exclusively to NAIFA members who are committed to growing intellectually and professionally through deep introspection and discussion. The intense curriculum creates a unique learning environment that encourages participants to bring out the best in themselves and apply what is learned across every aspect of their lives.

NAIFA-North Dakota has a unique opportunity to join others from the Jeff Taggart cohort in an online LILI course. The Jeff Taggart cohort is a group of NAIFA members from Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia, Guam, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, South Dakota, Vermont & Wyoming who gather on monthly Zoom calls to share ideas. At one of its recent meetings, it was suggested that we form an online LILI class with members from these states.

Learn more about LILI by clicking the button below. The Jeff Taggart Cohort class will begin in June and graduates will be presented in December. We would love to see YOU there. Please reach out to info@naifa-nd.org for any specific questions. Or just get the opinion of a LILI graduate, they are never short on praise for the program.

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