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Greetings NAIFA-North Dakota Members. I wish everyone Happy Holidays and hope you take some time to spend with family and friends.

I want to start out by saying this will be my last message, as my term as president for this great organization has come to an end. I am more than honored and humbled to be able to lead this organization for the last two years. I have followed many great Presidents for NAIFA-ND and I look forward to the leadership of our next president, Paul Siebert. Paul will be a great president for us, and I look forward to his leadership and look forward to helping him accomplish his goals for our organization.

The thing that I will value the most during the last couple years is the great leadership that we had in all our positions that allowed us to be successful. I value the friendships that I have made in this organization the last 17 years and feel that I have friends for life. I owe this organization a lot more than I can ever offer. I would also like to take this time thanking NAIFA as our management company and especially Julie Phillips for all the work she does and also keeping me and the organization in check.

I really want to take this time to promote our biggest event that we have every other year. This is a great time for members to get involved even if it will be your first event. This event is the reason NAIFA exists and why it is important for you to be a member.

As you are aware, 2023 is a legislative year for North Dakota, and we are excited to hold our first Legislative Day and Reception since the pandemic. We will be back at the Heritage Center on the capital grounds on February 7th with the program starting at 1:00 pm. Although final details are yet to be confirmed, we will hear from Legislators, the Insurance Department, and our own members on legislation that is important to us and the clients we serve. We will wrap up the evening with a reception where all legislators, the insurance department, and staff are invited to join us.

If you have attended a legislative reception in the past, you know how important it is to develop a relationship with your state legislator. If you haven’t attended in the past, you have been missing out! There is no better opportunity to mix and mingle with North Dakota legislative leaders and educate them on what it is that we do.

There is no registration fee to attend Legislative Day, but as we have done in the past, we are seeking financial support for the reception in the amount of $250. We do not seek company sponsorships for our Legislative Day, but rather reach out to our members. Can we count on you to attend on February 7th and to sponsor the reception in the amount of $250? All sponsors will be recognized at the reception.

Please visit our Events Page to register and to contribute as a reception sponsor.

See you on February 7th!

We have a team that will be reaching out to every member with this same message. You might have already received a call. Please, put this on your calendar and come attend this event. When we have the legislative reception, our ND Legislators are looking for our members in their district to visit with. It is nice when we can send them to one of our members. If you cannot attend, please highly consider being a sponsor for $250. Your name will be recognized. This is an expensive event that we put on.

Here's to a Great 2023 under the leadership of Paul Siebert and I hope to see everyone soon. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead our organization the last couple of years.

Lyle M. Kraft
NAIFA-North Dakota 2022 President