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YAT Profile: Lindsey Vogel, LUTCF

By NAIFA-North Dakota on 3/2/22 4:19 PM

Topics: YAT

Lindsey Vogel, LUTCF is a licensed insurance agent and financial advisor with Witthauer Financial Group in Jamestown. After graduating from University of North Dakota and living and working in Grand Forks for a while, she moved back to her hometown in 2014 to work in the “family” business. Her grandfather, Herb Witthauer, started in the insurance industry in the mid-60s, and her father, Paul Witthauer, joined in 1984. Working in the insurance industry and following in the footsteps of grandpa and dad was always on the back of her mind, and although it took a while to make that decision, since 2014 she has not once looked back.

Lindsey took an interest in insurance as a young child, and as she got older, she gained an even better understanding of its importance, especially that of life insurance. As a young professional and new dad, Paul took a guaranteed issue life policy out on his newborn daughter as soon as he was able. At the time he had no idea how critical that policy would prove to be, and to this day, Lindsey holds that story close to her heart. It was every parent’s worst nightmare when at 3 months old she was diagnosed with congenital heart defects and was in congestive heart failure. For the next five years she endured many life-saving procedures to repair her heart.

Lindsey recently learned that back in the day Grandpa Herb would read the birth announcements and send a spoon to every new baby. At the very least it started a life insurance conversation, and many times the parents would take out a policy on themselves and add their children. Sharing the story of protecting those we love by purchasing life insurance isn’t one we share often enough, but it is one that Lindsey believes in.

When she joined the business in 2014, Lindsey was immediately signed up as a NAIFA member. She jumped in with both feet, getting involved immediately. Part of that was due to dad telling her she needed to, but she also had an acute understanding of the importance of NAIFA. She grew up watching her dad travel to Bismarck and to Washington, D.C. to work with law makers to help protect his clients. She also watched him travel to NAIFA annual conferences to learn and grow in the profession. Watching her father has been something that has inspired Lindsey throughout her career, and especially in her NAIFA activities. She has attended Performance + Purpose conferences (both in-person and virtually) every year since becoming a member, even bringing her husband and toddler with her. Lindsey has served NAIFA-North Dakota in many capacities and this year as Secretary-Treasurer. When she is North Dakota President in 2024, Lindsey will be a 3rd generation leader. We are #NAIFAProud to have Lindsey as a dedicated leader!

Lindsey and her husband, Steve, have 2 kids, Emma (5) and Oliver (3), and a 4-legged family member, Lucy, the Boxer. When she isn't at the office, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her children, watching them learn and grow. She coaches hockey, enjoys golf, and entered her first marathon last November.