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A Message from President Lyle Kraft

By Lyle Kraft on 8/23/21 10:43 AM

Greetings everyone, from your NAIFA-North Dakota President. I really hope everyone has been having a fantastic summer. I am preparing this message as I am about to attend the virtual National NAIFA Convention (Performance + Purpose). There was a lineup of fantastic Main Stage speakers and breakout sessions that guaranteed everyone in attendance to become a better leader and to have great business growth. Personally, I think they are lying when they say that active NAIFA members make 30% more money in their business than non-NAIFA members, as I think it is more than that. Please help yourself out and become more active and watch your business grow.

I am going to give you an example of why your business will grow. A couple weeks ago, I signed up to view a presentation called “The Power of Zero”. This presentation was by David McKnight and I heard him a couple years ago on NAIFA Live. His message gives us ideas on how to help our clients to get to zero percent taxes at retirement. Now, they might not get to zero percent, but you can help them get their taxable income to a lower level. He showed us some current strategies, but also talked about the two main items that will help at retirement. They are Roth IRA’s and Cash Value Life Insurance. He calls it Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP). I ordered a dozen of his books “The Power of Zero” and pass them out to the higher income clients of mine that have Term Life Policies. This is a very easy book to read, and I have converted some term policies to cash value policies. Just one of these conversions will pay your annual NAIFA dues for 2-3 years. I encourage you to go back and listen to this and to try listen to presentations that might help your business.

Before I promote our state convention, I want to make you aware of a few things:

Bylaw Changes: Watch your inbox for some bylaw changes. On the Executive Committee, we will be eliminating the National Committee Person and adding a 3rd Vice President that will be that position in the future. This will continue to get us in line with the National Chapter Playbook.

Nominations for Advisor of the Year: Emails have come out on this. Feel free to nominate someone if you like. This is open to all members. Nominate Here!

Watch Parties: We would like the affiliates to start having Watch Parties again for NAIFA Live or CE events that are in the future. Please stay safe and follow all the protocols for COVID in your area.

Affiliate Volunteers: The Chapter Playbook says that three things are required to be affiliates. Our state has been patient in this area. Each affiliate is required to have a Leader, Programs Chair, and Membership Chair. Please volunteer and help your local affiliate fill these positions for 2022.

Now for our state convention. A team of volunteers have been working hard in putting together a great State Convention in Minot, ND on September 21st-23rd. We have spent a good amount of money bringing in National Motivational Speaker, Stephanie Hendrick, and are honored to have our National President Tom Michel attending the event. The whole convention is going to be great, and this is an opportunity to get involved in NAIFA and learn new concepts to grow your business. We kept the convention cost down to $150 for everyone to afford. You can see the whole agenda by clicking the link on this page. We have tried to promote this event the best we can. All that is left is for you to sign up and come to Minot for a great time. Convention Registration

I wish all of you a great rest of summer and prosperous year. I encourage you to continue to attend or listen to at least one seminar a month. Review the NAIFA emails, sign up for the seminar you might like, and delete the rest like I do.

Lyle M. Kraft
NAIFA-North Dakota President