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A Message from President Lyle Kraft

By Lyle Kraft on 3/17/21 5:01 PM

Hello NAIFA-North Dakota!

Looks like March came in like a lamb. You all know what that means.

I am so proud of your NAIFA Leadership Team. With the cross-over of bills at our 2021 Legislative Session, we have been very active staying on top of the bills that affect the insurance world. There have been numerous Zoom meetings, including two with Commissioner Godfread and his staff. We have become more educated and informed on the bills we are tracking in North Dakota, allowing us to create our position statement which can be found here. We are partnering with ACLI and The GA Group for lobbying activities this year. You can be very proud of being a NAIFA member.

Please, if you ever receive a “Call to Action” email, take the 5 minutes to respond. We don’t send these out often, but when we do, we need more fire power from you, our boots on the ground. These “Call to Action” emails will go directly to your Senator or Representative. If you personally know others, feel free to reach out to them also.

In my last newsletter, I invited everyone to get involved by setting a goal to attend at least one training session every month. Our Programs Chair, Jessica Westgard Larson, took the time to send out an email with all NAIFA activities for the month. She has done this for your convenience. Just click and sign up for events. Thanks, Jessica.

I have challenged our Affiliate Leaders to reach out and plan some type of activity in their area. When you receive that email or phone call, I encourage you to respond in a positive way. They are working hard to get things going at the local levels while we are hopefully getting to the end of COVID-19.

We have planned two state in-person gatherings this year. Watch for upcoming information on the NAIFA-North Dakota Golf Tournament in Fargo, and the State Convention in Minot. 

Your NAIFA-North Dakota Board of Directors have started the process of a 3-5 Year Strategic Plan. We will keep you updated on our progress through email and blog communications. The focus of our strategic plan will be around 1) Membership Growth; 2) Membership Experience; 3) Brand Amplification and 4) Advocacy. You can also  download a copy of the NAIFA 2025 Strategic Plan to see what the national goals are.

Hope you are enjoying all the tournaments going on. Please stay safe and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

Lyle M. Kraft
NAIFA-North Dakota